Expense claims, simplified

The only way to manage expense claims

From receipt to reimbursement, we automate everything that can be automated so that no one has to do any tedious work.

What You Get

A fully-configurable online expense claims software

Capture receipts, classify expenses, prepare and submit expense reports, and more—anytime, anywhere.


Just snap a photo of your receipt and all the information, including the amount, will be automatically captured and entered into the appropriate fields .


The receipt capture system will also intelligently scan the data to auto-suggest classifications (e.g. food, entertainment, travel). You can also classify expenses manually .


With the expenses and attached receipts, you can quickly and easily prepare an expense report and submit it to the relevant authority.


Managers can easily view reports and instantly approve them or the individual expenses. Employees and the AP department will be notified upon approval.

AP Validation

The AP department can also open and check reports from an organised dashboard and validate or approve them, preparing them for reimbursement .

Expense Accounting Automation

You can either generate a posting report to enter claims data into the ERP system manually, or integrate the app directly to automate the data entry process .



Credit card integration

Pull transaction info from your credit card statement automatically into your expense report

Multi-level approvals

Preconfigure an approval hierarchy to auto-direct validation requests to the right people

Cost-centre splitting

In the case that it is required, you can divide expenses across multiple cost centres

Policy configuration

Configure limits, conditions and other parameters depending on the company or country policies

Advanced expenses

co8 Expense supports expense items for which cash has been granted in advance

Back-end integration

We can integrate co8 Expense into your company’s accounting system for efficient data flow

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