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co8 is built for collaboration as much within a company as with external business partners, or even entire communities across any industry. This is your co8 network: this collection of individuals and groups with whom you have connected on co8.

The co8 platform thrives on the power of network. As your co8 network grows, the force and capacity of your collaboration efforts will grow along with it—exponentially

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Multi-function platform

Simple enough to start using right away, expandable to cater for work engagements intra and extra organisations, industries and communities

Life cycle management

From project definition to planning workflow, work-breakdown, resource allocation, time-line monitoring, issue management and project reporting

Discussion Channels

Ideate and collaborate in WorkSpaces. Use comment channels to keep conversations segmented. Use granular spaces to engage targeted audience

Secure File Sharing

Share anything such as documents, videos, pictures, zip-files, urls and more on access controlled multi-level workspaces


Use Kanban method to organize work activities and work steps iteratively. Plan and re-plan easily using drag and drop capabilities

Network Directory

Collaborate readily with verified contacts from Internal Staff Directory and External Business Partner Directory

Time Tracking

Easily capture work hours against baseline. Track variance and optimize workforce utilization

News Feed

Tweet, share news, live videos to targeted internal staff and extend business partners. Get real-time feedback via likes, seen, comments and reactions

Audit trail

Activity log keeps track of who did what when

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