co8 Product July Release Notes

The co8 Product team would like to share a couple of developments on co8. Below are the list of bug fixes and enhancements for the July Release. These fixes and enhancements are immediately reflected on the Web and Android and will be available on iOS once the updates reaches the Apple AppStore. The detailed Product Release notes can be found in the attached document.

1. Copy WorkSpace

2. New Invitation Flow

3. Add Ticket Owner in Ticket

4. Terminate co8 Account

5. Inappropriate Content Report

6. Booking Admin Enhancement – Access only for Booking Admin

7. Improve Uploaded Image Quality

8. Enable Landscape View on Mobile App

9. Hub Enhancement – Improve Ticket Drag & Drop Precision on Web

10. Push Notification on Web

11. Bug Fixes

The team is constantly working on tiny improvements daily to improve co8. Please check out the fixes & enhancements, and please let me know what you think.